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Women’s Day

Date9th March, 2021
Academic Year2020-2021
Type of EventCultural
Event DetailsWomen’s Day event was celebrated at PiCA, a talk on the topic, ‘Be Confident, Be Strong: Body and Mind’ was delivered by Dr. Asavari Page to the faculty and students.
Attended by StudentsI year, II year, III year, IV year, V year

International Women’s Day 2021 event was celebrated by Women’s Development Cell of Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai’s College of Architecture, New Panvel with a talk by Dr. Asavari Page, Director and Consultant from Aloha Clinics, Mumbai. Sharvari Lad, T.Y. B.Arch. invited Dr. Page to conduct a discussion forum based on the topic, ‘Be Confident, Be Strong: Body and Mind’.

Dr. Asavari talked about the most powerful factor about how everyone should know their worth and be confident about it. “Confidence is the best thing a woman can have” she stated. She explained how exercise is a type of medicine and guided on how one can start. Important health issues such as Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases, etc. and the tests that can be done by individuals to detect their symptoms.

Various types of exercises such as cardio workouts, flexibility exercises, weight training, etc. were presented based on their purposes and details. How individuals can hit their target heart rates during exercise sessions and the minimum amount of sleep necessary for their age group were also discussed. The dietary recommendations including the nutrition required were suggested based on the personalised workouts. Also, how Weight Management depends on the diet, workout, sleep, psychoemotional health, etc. by Dr. Page recommends seeking professional help for individuals suffering mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

A question and answer exchange between faculty, students and Dr. Page, cleared their doubts about health related issues. A formal vote of thanks was given by Bhavya Hingad, F.Y. B.Arch. at the conclusion of the event. The event was conducted on Zoom meetings and was a_er posted on PiCA’s YouTube channel.