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The student council organized the event Kinesthesia, this time, as healthy competitions between the different batches. Students competed in Wall painting, comic sketching, and video game - CS. The batches together created an installation in the 3rd floor corridor as well. 1st Year - 85 2nd Year

Introduction ‘Novelties attract us, only when they are dead and incapable of arousing vital current’ In the times we live in, the city means a lot more then what a conventional definitions / meanings that a dictionary can offer us. It has become an idea for inhabitation

The Student Council organize the basketball event on 30th November, 2018 in the artificial court at 3 p.m. Here, the 2nd year girls team and the 3rd year boys team won the matches. 1st Year: 30 2nd Year: 65 3rd Year: 60 [layerslider id="12"]

Offered in collaboration with X-Pican, the Alumni Association of Pillai College of Architecture [table id=382 /] Biography of the Resource Faculty Sarita Ramamoorthy is a freelance content writer & the founder of The Orange Box (www.theorangebox.co.in), for professional writing services. As a professional, she has worked for over

This year, the student council organized the first ever Halloween event with the help of the First years. Dressed as scary zombies, bloody vampires and various other characters, the students walked the ramp trying their best to give a scare. 1st Year - 80 2nd Year -

This year, the student council initiated the first ever competition between 2 colleges of one mother institution. The students competed in the games of football, tug of war and Kabaddi, with PICA winning all the games. [layerslider id="16"]

The mixture of fun and smart was felt on 24th August, 2018 as student participated in the competition of Chakravyuha, a treasure hunt. 4 groups of 5 with one student from every year testing their knowledge, speed, and other factors. 1st Year - 62 2nd Year -

PiCA held the Fresher's day on 16th August, 2018 organized by the 2nd years and the Student Council. The 1st yearites dressed up reflecting various countries through their outfits, accents and language. The students who charmed the rest of the PiCAN family won the title

As a welcoming step taken by the student's council, the Induction Day conducted on 1st August, 2018, to orient the new freshers batch about the college and guide them about few of the patterns and methods the college follows. The induction program was followed by an