October 2020

[table id=88 /] Halloween Costume Contest event was held as a Competition for the best Halloween costumes and the best food dish for the festival. The festival of Halloween that is celebrated every year by the students of PiCA in form of events and competitions. It is

[table id=89 /] Vachan Prerna Divas event was held to celebrate reading books in terms of visual or verbal interpretations of the participants favourite book. In the wake of the cynical pandemic, finding optimism has been a concern for everyone. With regard to the ultramodern adaptations made

[table id=83 /] The objectives of this lecture is to help Students understand the: a. Importance of acoustics in Architecture b. Sound, velocity, frequency, intensity c. Reflection, reverberation, absorption, transmission of sound Introduction about Sound and Noise: Fundamental Properties and characteristics of sound. (Frequency, wavelength, velocity, pressure, pressure level, intensity, pitch,